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Humanities - Prescribed and Recommended Books: Afrikaans 2B: AFR2BB2

This LibGuide provides the titles of Prescribed and Recommended books for all the Faculty of Humanities. Links are provided to the catalogue record of books as well as links to the online availability of books.

Prescribed Books

Prescribed Book: AFR2BB2

Oopmond / Jan Vermeulen



Offers vir die vlieë /Author: Fanie Viljoen



Al wat ek weet / Maritha van der Vyver



Asem/ Jan Vermeulen



Die 6 weke van Thomas & Ella / Bezuidenhout Zelda



Afrikaans+ / Marieta Nel 



Prescribed Book

Wolk/ Hannes Barnard



Lang pad onnetoe / Jason Reynolds



Studiegids: Al  Wat ek Weet 



Studiegids: Asem  / Jan Vermeulen 



Die 6 weke van Thomas & Ella Studiegids / Bezuidenhout Zelda