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FEBE - Civil Engineering Libguide: Referencing & Citation

Information sources for Civil Engineering.

Referencing & Citation

Referencing a Journal Article

Elements of Referencing a Journal Article according to UJ Harvard Method:

Beginning of sentence or paragraph:
According to Boughton (2002:576)...

Stuckey (2002:148) claims that...

​At the end of sentence or paragraph:
The ...(Boughton, 2002:576).

The ...(Stuckey, 2002:148).

Reference list
Boughton, J.M. (2002). The Bretton Woods Proposal: An In-depth Look. Political Science Quarterly, 42(6): 64-78.

Stuckey, Z. (2005). Dali in Duchamp-land. Art in America, 4(5): 148-155. https://www.doi:10.1177/1464884907089007

or (No doi number)

Borman, W.C. (1993). Role of Early Supervisory Experience in Supervisor Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 78: 443-449. Available from PsycArticles database:

Why should I reference?

To give recognition to the original author of the text, opinion, idea, fact, image, etc.

To enable your reader to check your information.

Sources confirm the completeness of the research.

Quotations and references lend authority to the argument, view, etc.

The source list can be consulted by the reader to verify information in the text

The sources can be used by the reader as additional sources to a topic.