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FEBE- Faculty Libguide: Trainings offered for Undergraduate Students

Libguide supporting all the Departments in the Faculty

Undergraduates Student Support

We are here to support you on your Academic Journey. Do visit the library or send an email for assistance.               

Email: Email:    Email: 
Tel: 011 559 6267 Tel: 011 559 9057          Tel:011 559 9059  

Library Trainings Modules in FEBE

For Undergraduate Students, the Library offers the following Training Modules: 

Module 1: Finding a print and an e-book

Module 2: Online Search Tips

Module 3: Accessing Databases and Downloading articles

Module 4: Paraphrasing and Avoiding Plagiarism 

Module 5: Referencing using the Harvard and IEEE methods

Module 6: Using and Downloading Reference Management Tools

Module 7: Accessing and Downloading Previous Exam Papers

Module 8: Enrolling for Engineering Organizations on Blackboard

We Provide Training on

  • How to find Information for your Research Assignment by using:

              - Books                                                   - Databases

              - Journals                                              - Lean Library 

  • How to Reference using:

            - Harvard                                           - IEEE

  • How to use and download Reference Management Tools:

            - Mendeley                                      - Refworks

  • What is Plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Online Search Tips
  • How to Access and Download Previous Online Exam Papers 
  • How to Access Engineering Organisations on Blackboard