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FEBE - Postgraduate and Research Support: FEBE Research Centres

Research Portal for the Faculty of Engineering.

Research Centres

  • Industrial Electronics Technology Research Group
  • Telecommunications Research Group
  • Stream Processing Research
  • Minerals Processing and Technology Research Group
  • Photonics Research Group

Emerging Research Areas - School of Electrical Engineering




Group Electronic Energy Processing (GEEP)

Ylab Wireless Communication

Centre for Applied Information Processing

Engineering Research

Emerging Research Areas - School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Titanium Rapid Manufacturing

Innovative Manufacturing

Solar Vehicles

Friction Stir Welding

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Agriculture

Thermal Storage

Fibre Optic Bragg grating wind tunnel

Emerging Research Areas - School of Mining, Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering

Department of Metallurgy

  • Mineral Processing and Technology Research Centre
  • Artisanal and Small Scale Mining and Mineral Beneficiation
  • Foundry Technology
  • Extraction Metallurgy
  • Bio-Energy

Department of Chemical Engineering Technology

  • Waste to Energy (BioEnergy), Integrated Waste Management
  •  Phase Equilibrium Modelling and Computation
  •  Waste Water Treatment
  • Crystallization and Precipitation
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Alternative Fuels, Value Added Processing of Solid Industrial Waste

Department of Mining

 â€‹Mining Logistics​

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