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Library - Information Literacy Module: 9 WRITING & REFERENCING

Information literacy for UJ students. Start with "1 Why Information Literacy" and end with "9 Writing & Referencing"

After viewing this page, you have to work through the tutorials, beginning with Tutorial 1.


5 hours (300 minutes)

Whose information is this?

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As part of the learning process, Neo must be able to understand information. This requires a firm grasp of information literacy skills. This unit teaches Neo the importance of bibliographic style and referencing and the basic techniques how to properly reference according to the Harvard referencing methods. Neo will learn how to put a passage from an author into his own words without losing the message or meaning of the original intent. By applying correct academic grammar and writing rules leads to the success of any written assignment.

On completion of this unit Neo should be able to:

  • understand and use quotations and citations
  • compile a bibliography according to the Harvard referencing methods
  • reference various information sources 
  • apply in-text citation at the most appropriate place in-text
  • understand academic writing rules