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Library - University of Johannesburg E-Book Seminar: 14 September 2018: Pavlinka Kovatcheva - UJ

This guide is intended to be your gateway to our upcoming E-book seminar that will be held on 14 September 2018.

eBook Seminar


Pavlinka Kovatcheva (University of Johannesburg) 

Pavlinka Kovatcheva is the Faculty librarian for Science at University of Johannesburg. She is actively involved with her Faculty and supports students and researchers for achieving their goals. Pavlinka has presented on number of international and national library conferences on the changing role of the academic librarian. She is interested in social media, e-learning and blended learning as a way to outreach to her users.

Embedding eBooks in the Blended Learning Environment

As a Faculty librarian, my main role is to support Science undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as, the faculty academics and researchers. It is a challenging and diverse role to play and it requires keeping up with the latest trends in information service delivery and support.The presentation will provide examples of current practices of eBooks and how they are used to support the curriculum demands and research.  The focus will be on course modules for Science students by using LibGuides and Virtual Learning Environment. The value of eBooks is undeniable and their availability has created new learning and teaching opportunities.

Full text presentation