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Library - University of Johannesburg E-Book Seminar: 14 September 2018: Bridget Mukhavhuli - UJ Student

This guide is intended to be your gateway to our upcoming E-book seminar that will be held on 14 September 2018.

eBook Seminar


Bridget Mukhavhuli (University of Johannesburg Student)

Bridget Mukhavhuli was born and bred in Sibasa, Limpopo. She matriculated in 2007 from Hermain Technical High School. In a journey to furthering her studies, Bridget moved to Gauteng, Johannesburg in 2008 where she enrolled for an undergraduate course in Business Management with the University of Johannesburg. She graduated in 2012 after having completing the 4 year qualification in record time.She has over 6 years of experience in the Education sector in various roles, varying from Academic assistant, Training coordinator, Programme Manager/ Assessor.  Bridget enrolled and completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Management with Regent Business School in 2015, completed a Master’s Degree (MCOM) in Business Management with the University of Johannesburg in 2017 under the Supervision of Dr. P. Thomas. She is currently pre-enrolled for a PhD in Business Management where she is investigating the role of indigenous knowledge systems in SME’s sustainable business practices. She is also working as a Management lecturer at the largest South African private higher education institution, The Independent Institute of Education (IIE), where she delivers lecturers on both undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

Generation Y’s E-book adoption: Perceptions and Challenges

The rising use of technology has led to social changes with ‘convenience’ becoming one of the most valued and attractive feature of products and service offerings. Increase in the use of technology subsequently led to the establishment of innovative ways of doing things, including convenient ways of providing academic support. As a result, academic institutions introduced electronic books (e-books) into their libraries in response to these social changes. The study sought to investigate perceptions held and challenges faced by generation Y with regards to the adoption of E-book. The objective of the research being to explore Generation Y’s perceptions of E-book and to identify e-book adoption challenges experienced by this generation. Furthermore, it was the objective of this study to provide recommendations aimed at enhancing E-book adoption.  The research is a literature review-based study. Acknowledging that perceptions are subjective, this approach allowed the researcher an opportunity to review several studies pertinent to this study and identify patterns and similarities in already established findings. The findings reported in this study are only of research conducted in African countries.  Research in western countries found that this generation mostly embraced e-Books but the opposite was found to be true for African countries.  The study found that although generation Y consist of technologically savvy individuals, this generation has not fully bought in into adopting e-Book. Some of the identified challenges experienced by Generation Y’ with regards to e-Book adoption was found to be internet connectivity, scarcity of locally produced e-Books as well as costs such as subscription fees and e-reader application.

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