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Library - University of Johannesburg E-Book Seminar: 14 September 2018: Sharlene Evans - School Teacher

This guide is intended to be your gateway to our upcoming E-book seminar that will be held on 14 September 2018.

eBook Seminar


Sharlene Evans (School Teacher)

An accountant by profession who started teaching in order to spend more time with her own children. Through teaching, she discovered a passion for children and the psychology of learning. She is currently teaching at a small private school in Ruimsig. She enjoys arts and crafts in her free time.  

EDUCATION: Past, Present, Future…preparing today for tomorrow

The children of today will become the Leaders of tomorrow. How do we prepare the leaders of tomorrow? Through education and by extension, school. School is where the majority of a child’s education takes place. What is being done at schools lays the foundation for every student at University. With the advancement of technology, long gone are the days of sending your child to school with an HB pencil and hoping for the best. These days, by the time the child is ready for grade R, they require their own I-pad or tablet with internet capabilities. The skills required to be successful at school do not stop at just reading and writing. Children as young as six years of age require the skills to navigate the Internet successfully. Welcome to the Information Age. With the advancement of technology, people value their time above all else and so convenience has become the order of the day. Public libraries are not in demand as a source of information, as people do not have the time to travel to these information hubs and so rely on the internet at the click of a few buttons from a tablet or even a smartphone. Schools are already using electronic versions of textbooks. The advantages of electronic textbooks are that they do not have the limitations of physical space. And so, with concrete libraries on the decline, virtual libraries seem like the way forward.

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