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Library Research Navigator: RefWorks

Your preliminary source of information and guidance as you begin or continue with your research journey.

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Introduction to RefWorks

Introduction to RefWorks

In this brief introduction to RefWorks, you will learn how to 

  • find and safe references while doing your research
  • how to organise References once they are on RefWorks
  • how to cite those references in your writing

How to organize and manage folders and subfolders in RefWorks

Once a researcher has searched a topic and selected references, it’s time to start organising.

ProQuest RefWorks supports the research process and provides a variety of useful folder options to help users better organize their research.

This document covers the following folder types:

1) Last Imported Folder – Organizes the last 30 days of imports into discrete, selectable sets of references.

2) Not In Folder – Displays all the references that have not yet been categorized into a user’s folders.

3) Deleted Folder – Contains all items that have been deleted in the past 30 days.

4) Subfolders – allows the creation of folders within folders 

Adding References Using Direct Export

Install and Use RefWorks in Word

Creating a Bibliography