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Health Sciences - Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses: Readings & Resources

LibGuide on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Key Readings and Sources

To get started with Systematic Reviews and learn more, here are a few key readings, and 2 journals covering methods for evidence synthesis:

Systematic Reviews - published by BioMed Central

Research Synthesis Methods - published by Wiley

Meta-Analyses Resources

See the Data Synthesis page on this guide.

Guidelines & Standards

Biomedical / Health

PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses)

  • PRISMA Checklist
  • PRISMA Flow Diagram
  • PRISMA Statement
  • PRISMA Statement - Explanation & Elaboration Document


Institute Of Medicine (IOM)

Conservation & Environmental Management

  • ROSES (RepOrting Standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses_

Social Sciences

Veterinary Medicine


Browse or search the Equator Network for more guidelines