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Textbook list discription

The textbook list is a document with information on Courses and Prescribed books for each department at UJ. The textbook list is compiled online via Nevada (Nevada is a platform that enables faculty to choose and provide prescribed books for their courses). The list can be downloaded from the Library website.

It is recommended that a book should only be prescribed if the student will use at least 80% of it.

Departments should ensure that prescribed textbooks (in the same edition) will be utilized for at least two to three years.

It is strongly recommended that an e-book be prescribed in line with the e-strategy of the university and the library.

Textbook list purpose

The information on the list is provided by the departments and is constantly updated throughout the year. The library only hosts the textbook list; before purchasing textbooks students should contact the relevant department to confirm which books they need to buy.

Faculty administrators contact information

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Book Sellers

The campus bookshops also have a list of prescribed modules that they make available to students.

For prices of books, please contact bookshops for quotations.

Link to bookshops