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CBE - How2Videos: Finding Online Exam Papers

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Finding Online Exam Papers

Do you ever think that if you had an exam structure or reference then you will be able to fully prepare for your exams? There is always a solution to Information. Information that can help you familiarize yourself with how exam papers are structured. In this video, you will learn how to find online past exam papers. The UJ Library offers many resources you can use to find information and build your knowledge.

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UJ Library - Finding Online Exam Papers
Duration: 2:17
User: n/a - Added: 01/11/22
Online Exam Papers is a UJ Library platform that stores UJ past exam papers made accessible to UJ students at thier convinience. These are previouse exam papers which should only be considered as such. This does not mean the exams you are preparing for will necessarily be the same as the previouse exams. So you should still follow your lectures instructions and guidlines when preparing for upcoming exams.