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FEBE - Civil Engineering Libguide: Plagiarism & Copyright

Information sources for Civil Engineering.

Academic Writing

As we move from being graduates into being scholars, there is a particular way of writing for the academic community and its called academic integrity. It shows you are aware and understand what is expected of you also by giving credit to those who layed foundation of your research. There is an ethical way of using and creating information.

What constitutes Plagiarism

Copy and paste

Letting your friend write for you

Paraphrase without giving credit

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How to avoid Plagiarism?

Use original ideas and thoughts

Use quotations and make sure you cite

Paraphrase and cite

Ask for help (librarian or lecturer)

Use online referencing tools (Refworks or Mendeley)

How to avoid Plagiarism

What is to plagiarise?


"the legal right to be the only one to reproduce, publish, and sell a book, musical recording, etc., for a certain period of time" Merriam Webster Dictionary

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What it means is that Copyright is the law that protects intellectual property. Legal action can be taken against you for unfair use of information.