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Library Services

Who may borrow and for how long?


Membership category General collection
Number of items Number of days 
Permanent staff – academic 30 60
Permanent staff – non-academic 15 30
Temporary academic staff 6 14
Temporary non-academic staff 6 14
​Post Doctoral students/ Research Fellows 30 60
Postgraduate students (Doctoral and Masters, Honours, B.Tech. & 4th-year degree students) 16 30
Prospective postgraduate students 8 14
​Undergraduate students 6 14

Click here to access the Faculty of  Humanities Exam papers

Why previous exam papers?

  • Previous year question papers serve as a valuable self-assessment tool to measure the progress of your exam preparation
  • Practicing previous year question papers can also increase your confidence
  • Practice makes perfect

UJ DR is the University of Johannesburg’s Open Access Data Repository. Our data repository collects Research data/Raw data/Datasets, which are data in whatever formats or form collected, observed, generated, created and obtained during the entire course of a research project.

Search UJ DR: UJ Research Data

Submit your Dataset guides:

UJ IR is the University of Johannesburg’s Open Access Institutional Repository. The IR collects and maintains intellectual scholarship such as published journal articles (pre-print and post-print), conference papers and proceedings, data sets, reports, theses and dissertations in a free and open environment.

​Search UJ IR: UJ IR collections & communities

Submit thesis or dissertation:

Submit Research output on OROSS: Submit research articles

E-Course reservesall items placed on reserve by a lecturer will show in the Catalogue (UJLink) under Course Reserves. To access, go to the catalogue, Select “Course reserves” and follow the prompts. Electronic items can be downloaded or printed.

WHY OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEM? At the University of Johannesburg we support open access publishing and the dissemination of information through open access platforms. Part of our mission at UJ Library is to support research in any way that we can. We host journals for any institution and support editors in hosting and managing their journals. The Open Journal System (OJS) is the digital platform on which these journals are hosted and managed by UJ Press.

A to Z Journal Search 

A to Z Journal Search is used to find electronic journals that  are available through UJ Library.  It's a quick way to locate full-text articles online. It includes both subscribed and open access journals.  

  • You can search by Journal title
  • Match all words (enter the full journal title)
  • Match exact words (enter the words exactly as they appear in the journal title)
  • E-Journal Portal cannot be used to search a topic by subject - for that you need to use an index such as Ujoogle or a subject specific database.

According to an agreement between Higher Education Institutions in South Africa, staff as well as Masters & PhD students can obtain membership to other University Libraries in order to access resources not available in their own University libraries. This type of membership to another University Library is only valid till the end of each academic year and must be renewed annually.
To apply for such membership:

  • complete a Letter of Introduction application form and submit to the relevant Subject Librarian.
  • ensure that you have no overdue items or outstanding fines at UJ Libraries
  • you will be informed as soon as the Letter is ready and a copy of the letter will be sent to the selected library
  • take your copy of the Letter with to the selected library
  • adhere to all the rules and regulations of that library

The Interlibrary Loans department provides a service to researchers by obtaining material not owned by the University of Johannesburg libraries. The material is obtained from libraries in South Africa and abroad. The Interlibrary Loans department also supplies documents to other libraries and institutions in South Africa and overseas.


Request via the Internet only: Please fill in all the fields when you request a book or journal article online. You can use the online ILL request system at this link:, as we do not accept any other means of requesting ILL (for auditor purposes). No ILL requests will be processed without the necessary information regarding your student/staff number, address, etc.​​​​​


ICL is a service through which material held by one UJ campus Library is sent to another UJ campus library for the patron’s convenience.​

Office hours and Contact details

Auckland Park Kingsway Auckland Park Bunting Auckland park FADA Doornfontein Soweto
Sydney Dhlamini Keeve Thlabane Moses Makola Pheeha Mogoai Duduzile Chulu
Phone: (011) 559-2678 Phone: (011) 559-1376 Phone: (011) 559-1086​ Phone: (011) 559-6752 Phone: (011) 559-5666
Office hours:
07:30 to 16:30
Monday to Friday
Office hours:
07:30 to 16:30
Monday to Friday
​Office hours:
07:30 to 16:30
Monday to Friday
Office hours:
07:30 to 16:30
Monday to Friday
Office hours:
07:30 to 16:30
Monday to Friday

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