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FEBE - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Libguide: Referencing & Citation

Referencing & Citation

IEEE Reference Technique - Complete guide

Referencing a Journal Article (IEEE)

Elements of Referencing a Journal Article according to IEEE

In-text citation

According to [4], the complexity of mechanical and electrical systems and applications of vibratory equipment in them have increased markedly in recent years. 

Reference List

[4]     A. Brandon, “Vibration analysis resolves vibration equipment problems,” in Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis. New York: Wiley, 2014, ch. 7, pp. 129–134.

Why should I reference?

To give recognition to the original author of the text, opinion, idea, fact, image, etc.

To enable your reader to check your information.

Sources confirm the completeness of the research.

Quotations and references lend authority to the argument, view, etc.

The source list can be consulted by the reader to verify information in the text

The sources can be used by the reader as additional sources to a topic.