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Book Loans

Inter-library loans consist of two parts: Inter-campus loans and Inter-library loans.

Inter-campus loans are services available to all students and staff members of the university, free of charge. If an item is only available at one of the other UJ libraries you can request it,  You will then be informed via e-mail of its arrival at your 'home' library.

Inter-library loans are only available to registered post-graduate students and to UJ staff members. If an item is available in another South African library it can be obtained free of charge for your use. If the item is only available from a library outside of South Africa, your request will be sent back to you indicating that it will cost you R75 should you want to continue with the request.

Reserve Shelf

Some items additional to the Prescribed books, are placed on the Reserve shelf - also known as Short loans. This material can be used only in the library. Your student card will allow you to use the two items for two hours at a time.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Print Books

Search for Electrical & Electronic Engineering books at Level 4 in the APK Library.

Most, but not all, Electrical & Electronic Engineering books can be found in the shelf number (call number) range between 621.30 and 621.39 (Level 4, APK Library).

Electrical & Electronic Engineering  -  Main Dewey ranges
Dewey number Main sections
 003 Systems 
003.5 Theory of communication and control
621.3 Electrical, magnetic, optical, communications, computer engineering; electronics, lighting
621.3028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures; apparatus, equipment, materials
621.3092 Electrical engineers
621.31 Generation, modification, storage, transmission of electric power
621.32 Lighting
621.33 Electric power transmission for railroads
621.34 Magnetic engineering
621.36 Optical engineering
621.37 Testing and measurement of electrical quantities
621.38    Electronics, communications engineering
Communications engineering
Radio and radar
621.39 Computer engineering
621.4 Prime movers and heat engineering
Electric and related motors
Motor land vehicles, cycles
Steam-powered vehicles
Electric-powered vehicles
Air-compression-powered vehicles
Solar energy-powered vehicles
Nuclear-powered vehicles
Automatic control engineering