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Health Sciences - Biomedical Sciences: Prescribed Books

Prescribed Books

For your convenience in accessing the prescribed books from the Library catalogue or/and databases, click on the book title (bullet point) under your module or search from the Library Catalogu below:

Cytopathology IIB (CTPHBB2)

Cytopathology IIB / III (CTPHBB2 / CTPHBA3)

Clinical Chemistry: CLCHBA2, CLCHBB2 IIB, CLCHBA3

Chapter 8 Immunochemical Techniques from Clinical Chemistry

Immunology 1

Essential clinical immunology / edited by John B. Zabriskie

Hard copy Location: Doornfontein Reserve Shelf 616.079 ESSE

ISBN: 9780511465291

Publication Date: 2009

Hard copy and eBook available


Haematology IIA (HAEHBA2) / Haematology IIB (HAEHBB2) / Haematology III (HAEHBA3)

Histopathology 2A (HTPHBA2) / Histopathology 4 (HTPHBY4)

Medical Microbiology IIA / IIB (MDMHBA2 / MDMHBB2)