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Health Sciences - Environmental Health: Find Journal Articles (Databases)

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Lean Library

Online LibGuide for Online Programmes Research Support

What are Library Databases

A library database is both an electronic catalogue and the access point to information from published works.

Library databases provide access to resources across a wide spectrum of topic and subject areas, such as academic research.

Library databases provide access to published information sources, such as journals and other resources.

Library databases may provide access to full-text articles and/or article abstracts.


Any registered UJ library user may access the UJ library database collection.

Google Scholar Search


Databases for Faculty of Health Sciences

Searching Tips and Techniques

African Research (including South Africa)

Africa-Wide Information 

is a databases to research and publications by Africans and about Africa

Sabinet African Journals

includes African research content by offering the most comprehensive, searchable collection of full-text African electronic journals


PubMed Medical Search Engine

PubMed is a medical database with citations and abstracts of biomedical literature (Pubmed, n.d.).