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CBE - Industrial Psychology and People Management: Databases

The Department has a comprehensive offering at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both in traditional university qualifications and professional development opportunities.

What is a database?

A database is an electronic index to journal or magazine articles, containing citations, abstracts and often either the full text of the articles, or links to the full text.

What is an academic / peer reviewed article?

Peer-reviewed or academic articles are articles written by academics/experts/researchers on a specific field of study. These articles usually contain a bibliography at the end of the article and information on the author’s academic qualifications and university at the beginning of the article. A peer-reviewed journal article was reviewed by people with credentials in the article's field of study before being accepted for publication.

Subject Specific Databases


Full text access to the journals published by the American Psychological Association (over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly journals). All content in APA PsycARTICLES can be searched and accessed in APA PsycINFO.

Business Source Ultimate 

The Business Source Complete database contains both practical and scholarly business information. You  can  search              Source  Complete for full text scholarly journal articles, case studies, company profiles, reports, conference papers, financial data, and SWOT analyses.

Family & Society Studies Worldwide

Covers family and society matters Coverage: 1970 to the present Partly full text with some embargoes


American Psychological Association’s (APA) renowned resource for abstracts of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations.

Psycology Collection

Provides access to abstracts, indexing and full-text coverage of international literature in sociology and social services, along with related fields, as well as Sociological Abstracts, which in turn includes Social Services Abstracts.”

South African Databases

 African Journal Archive

Repository of full-text journal articles published in Africa, in the field of the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities
Coverage: From the 1st issue per title Full text

Sabinet African Journals

Multidisciplinary information originating from or pertaining to Africa with a strong focus on South Africa.
Full-text. Coverage: 2000 to the present.


 A-Z full text finder




Jove Science Education


Proquest Central

Sage Journals

Science Direct

Springer link

Taylor and Francis Online

Wiley Online Library