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Law - LLD LibGuide: Legislation

Welcome to the LLD LibGuide! This guide will not only introduce you to valuable information sources related to Law, but also to services & facilities offered to undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and researchers in the Faculty of Law


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On this page, you will find:

  • Information on the publication method of South African legislation.
  • Links to databases that contain South African, international and foreign legislation/laws.

  • Information (i) on each database's jurisdictional coverage.


Law Database Links

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South African Databases:

International and Foreign Databases

Reputable Links

You will find links to websites that provide free access to legislation and related materials on the Reputable Links page. In particular, the Legal Information Institute's (LII) websites are worth visiting. 

Research Support

If you need search guides, training videos and tutorials to assist you with finding legislation and related materials, visit the Research Support page.

South African Legislation


Statutory materials such as the Acts of Paliament are officially published in the Government Gazette.  They are also published in consolidated ("as amended") form by the major South African legal publishers, Juta and LexisNexis.  The consolidated versions are available electronically on Jutastat OnlineLexisNexis and Sabinet Legal.

The statutes are also available in hard copy in the library.

  • Butterworths Classified and Annotated Statutes of South Africa: classified and annotated from 1910 (RMF SOUT) is a loose-leaf edition that is updated twice annually.  Acts are published in Afrikaans and English;
  • Butterworths Statutes of the Republic of South Africa (RMF SUID BUTT) is a hard cover set and statutes are in English only.

Statutes can also be found in electronic format on the UJ subscribed Databases.

International and Foreign Legislation: Electronic

Click on theInfo icon | Myiconfindernext to a particular database link to view the jurisdictions covered in that database.