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Short Learning Progamme: Part 1 - Building Blocks of Information Literacy: Getting started

The building blocks of information literacy are like stepping stones that help students improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes when it comes to handling the information they need. It's a crucial skill for lifelong learning because it enables students to use what they currently know, generate new knowledge, and apply those skills in different areas of their studies and future jobs.

Upon completing this unit, you will be able to confidently define information literacy and provide a comprehensive explanation of the information literacy process.

On completion of this Unit, you should be able recognise a need for information to achieve a specific goal and define the scope of an information need.

Upon completing this Unit, you will have the ability to identify that various information sources serve distinct purposes and effectively match the appropriate information source with your specific information needs.

Upon completing this Unit, you will acquire the skills to:

  • Differentiate between reliable and unreliable information on the Internet.
  • Identify useful, relevant, and easily understandable sources to support your research topic.
  • Implement anti-plagiarism practices.
  • Understand how to cite a variety of information sources.

Upon completion of this unit, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world confidently, responsibly, and effectively in various personal, academic, and professional contexts.