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Humanities - Postgraduate and Research Support: Research process

Post-graduate library guide for students in Humanities

Research Process & Library use

What Resources you can use at different stages of your research:

1. Search for a Topic

  • Search Databases for articles on the topic of interest
  • Contact your Subject Librarian and arrange for training on "how to access & make use of Library academic resources"
  • Talk to your Supervisor

2. Preliminary Research

  • Access Science Subject/Faculty LibGuides
  • Make use of Bibliographic, Multidisciplinary & Subject Databases to search for articles and electronic books
  • Make use of UJLink: Library Catalogue to trace print & electronic books
  • Make use of UJContent to search for UJ completed Masters & Doctoral Dissertations & Theses

3. Narrow Focus

  • Examine article descriptors 
  • Browse subject heading lists/ Databases Thesaurus 
  • Examine article references
  • Examine related subjects
  • Examine sub-fields

4. List Keywords

  • Examine article descriptors
  • Examine subject heading lists/ Databases Thesaurus 
  • Examine sub-fields
  • List synonyms

5. Search for Information on Topic

6. Organise Information

  • Develop outline
  • Evaluate information
  • Categorize articles & information
    • Highlighting method
    • Create computer folders
    • Organize list of sources

7. Reflect & Write

  • Reflect & Write draft
  • Edit
  • Final critique & polish

8. Celebrate :) 

  • Pat yourself & your colleagues on the back
  • Do something special


Steps in the Research Process

The Mind map below, shows the different stages in the Research process from searching for research topic, to finding relevant information for your literature review, to organising and writing and how the librarians and the library resources can help you be successful.

Credit to: Concordia University

Research process: Useful links

The following academic resources can help you visualise the whole process of starting with a research paper, dissertation or theses

Literature Review Advice