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FADA - Graphic Design: Finding Aritcles

This guide will help you find articles, books and other online resources about Graphic Design

Databases: Alphabetical List of Electronic Resources

A-Z Database

As well as the individual subject databases listed above, you may wish to access our full list of resources which cover other subject areas.

Researching for Assignments

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Journals cover a range of sources, including newspapers; magazines and scholarly journals.  News and research around your subject area are usually published first in journals.

A journal can be useful:

  • to find up-to-date information
  • to find our what has been researched on your topic
  • to find information that points to other relevant research

Databases enable you to find journal articles and reports which have been written around your topic.  

Boolean operators: Search Tips

Combining your search terms with 'AND' will narrow the time your search takes to produce fewer, more specific resources. AND will provide search results containing both or all of your keywords. Use this when you want results that contain two or more specific keywords.

Example: soccer AND football

Combining your search terms with OR will broaden out your search to include related words and concepts, producing more results. Provides results that contain either keyword. OR will provide search results containing at least one of your keywords.

Use this when you want results that contain at least one (though not necessarily both) of your chosen keywords.

Example: football OR soccer

NOT narrows your search by telling the database to eliminate all terms that follow it from your search results. Provides results that contain the first keyword but not the second. NOT will provide search results containing the first of your keywords but not the second. Make sure to put your keywords in the correct order when using NOT, as the search results provided will exclude the latter keyword.

Use this when you want results that contain one specific keyword but not another.

Example: soccer NOT football


Magazines in the library

The FADA Library has a print subscription to a number of online magazines, including:

Animation Magazine  (SAC)

Communication Arts (HLC and SAC)

Creative Review

Eye: the international review of graphic design