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First Year Students - Support: HOW TO'S

Ongoing Support for Undergraduates Students

Knowing how to use the library's resources is a step towards getting good quality information.

Access to the library

  • For you to use the library, you need your student card.
  • Activate your student card at the Protection Service Office on any campus.

Photocopying & printing services

  • The printing services are outsourced by Konica Minolta.
  • To make use of the printing, photocopying and scanning services, please activate your student card at the Konika Minolta Printing Service on any campus.
  • You can print from any library computer. After you have selected to print, wait for the print popup message to appear to type in your student number and Ulink password.
  • Release your print job at the Konica Minolta printing station, using your student card. 
  • The staff at the Konica Minolta stations will gladly assist you.

Library computers

To use the library computers, activate your student card at the Circulation Desk at the entrance of the library.

How to use the MeeScan self check-out machine

Login procedures

  • To use the library's resources, you will have to login.
  • Use your student number as username and Ulink password as the password.
  • Select 'student' in the dropdown.


How to use the library computers

The general computers can be found on the Learning Commons Floor.

Step 1: You need your student card.

Step 2: Go to the television monitor in the computer area.

Step 3: Tap your card on the keypad below the monitor.

Step 4: Your name will appear on the monitor with an assigned computer number (e.g LC. 10)

Step 5: Find the computer with the LC number.

Step 6: Login with your student number.

Step 7: You ONLY have 45 minutes to use these computers. After 45 minutes your time will expire and you need to repeat the process.

Step 8: Please save your work on e-mail or a memory device.

Library WiFi

  • To connect to the WiFi, you use your student number as username and Ulink password as the password.
  • Click on this link to find out how to connect to the WiFi.

Library rules

Please follow the library rules, to ensure that all the library users can benefit from the library's facilities and services.

Click on this link to learn about the library rules.

Microsoft Multi factor authentication(MFA) for students

To activate your Microsoft Student Account, please follow the instructions.

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