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Digital Literacy: Unit 2: Digital Footprint

By following this guide on digital literacy, users will be able to communicate, use and apply digital technology in multiple formats presented via computers and perform tasks effectively in a digital environment.

After viewing this page, you have to work through the tutorials, beginning with Tutorial 1.


2 Hours (120 minutes)

Your digital footprint is your record of everything you do online. In other words, you leave a trail of the things you do online. Examples are: your social media activities, your personal information, browsing history, online subscriptions and photo and video galleries (Future of Learning 2018).  How do you establish a good reputation online?

Explaining Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Outcome

By the end of the this unit you will be able to:

  • Know how to maintain a professional online profile;
  • Pitfalls to look out for.

Image source: Teacherspayteachers