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Digital Literacy: Unit 4: More Than Just Google

By following this guide on digital literacy, users will be able to communicate, use and apply digital technology in multiple formats presented via computers and perform tasks effectively in a digital environment.

After viewing this page, you have to work through the tutorials, beginning with Tutorial 1.


3 Hours (180 Minutes)

Everyone knows Google as the godfather of search engines. However, as a student you sometimes need more specific results and  need to dig deeper to find the required information you need. 

Deep Searching Outcome

Source:  Cyberguards

The Deep Web (also called the invisible web),  consists of web pages which are not indexed by standard search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Examples are personal databases, web forums requiring registrations, paid for pages and web mails. On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Know where to find and access online information not listed with search engines;
  • Identify and use specialist search engines.