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Science - Plagiarism & Referencing: Turnitin @UJ

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Tutnitin: Plagiarism detector




Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention service used by UJ. Turnitin helps educators evaluate student work and provide great feedback to improve student learning.


Promote Originality

Instantly check to see if student work is original by comparing it to the most comprehensive database in the industry, including the world’s largest repository of student papers. Color-coded and percentage-tagged highlights provide immediate insight into matched content.

Plagiarism Prevention

Turnitin eliminates the time-consuming process of verifying student authorship by presenting easy-to-use reports that show how much of a document is original, cited from other sources, or unoriginal. With Turnitin, educators can promote academic integrity in their classroom. Students learn the importance of original writing and attribution and foster critical thinking skills that are important to student success

Support Academic Integrity

Provide feedback to students on their use of source material with the world’s largest content comparison database. Highlight original writing and proper citation. When institutions adopt Turnitin, unoriginal work decreases by 33%, and students are challenged to think more critically.



The UJ Turnitin access is via ULink course modules.


Turnitin: Introductory video