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Science - Postgraduates & Research Support: Dissertations & Theses

A library research support guide for the Faculty of Science postgraduates and researchers at the University of Johannesburg.

Submit & Search for Dissertations & Theses

This page can help you in two ways:

  • With guidelines for submitting your Dissertation or Theses to the Library
  • Finding UJ, National and International Dissertations and Theses full-text 

How to Submit your Dissertation or Thesis to the Library

If you are at the end of your Masters or Doctorate, you need a guidelines on how to submit your Dissertations & Thesis to the library:

Library Thesis submission requirements

  • The Library’s ETD submission form must be submitted to the relevant Head: Faculty Administration together with one electronic PDF copy of your thesis/dissertation.

The UJ Library requires the following to be submitted:

  • the final corrected and approved electronic  version of the thesis (single PDF file)saved on a CD(RW) or DVD (RW);
  • signed Thesis/Dissertation submission form, Annexure D (which must not be bound in the volume or included in the ETD file)

Quick links to:

NRF: Institutional Repository

The NRF receives its mandate from the National Research Foundation Act (Act No 23 of 1998) to support and promote research through funding, human capacity development and the provision of the necessary research facilities, in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in all fields of the natural and social sciences, humanities and technology, including indigenous knowledge systems.

The NRF Research Facilities: HartRAO, iThemba Labs, NZG, SAAO, SAEON, SKA, SAASTA and SAIAB conduct research in specific scientific disciplines

Communities in NRF Institutional Repository:


Open Access: Institutional Repositories

Search for: South African Current & Completed Dissertations & Theses

The databases below will help you to ensure that your research topic is unique in South Africa

National ETD Portal: South African theses and dissertations

This database provides information on approximately 170 000 South African current and completed research projects including theses and dissertations. This source now provides information on all fields of science since 1919. The records of the Union Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations (UCTD) formerly maintained by the Potchefstroom University for CHE are now included. The NAVTECH research projects are included in the database. It also includes abstracts and English titles for projects not in English.

   Africa-Wide Information

Search for: UJ Completed Dissertations & Theses

Need to find completed UJ Theses & Dissertations? Then search the following resources:

Search for: International Dissertations & Theses

If you would like to search for international Dissertations and Theses, then start with:

     ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

SA Universities Institutional Repositories, Theses & Dissertations

South African Open Access Institutional Repositories, inc. Dissertations and Theses:

International Open Access Institutional Repositories/Dissertations & Theses