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Science - Postgraduates & Research Support: Measuring Research Impact

A library research support guide for the Faculty of Science postgraduates and researchers at the University of Johannesburg.

Research Measurement & Output

SciVal Metrics Guidebook

Elsevier Research Intelligence

Full-text access to Elsevier journals, eBooks & Reference works via Science Direct

How to use Google Scholar Citations

Springer for Research & Development

Full-text access to Springer journals, eBooks & Protocols via SpringerLink


Bibliometrics is statistical analysis of written publications, such as books or articles. Bibliometrics are used to provide quantitative analysis of academic literature. (Source)

Bibliometrics are used to support decision making about where to publish, which journals are the top in a specific field, whit whom to collaborate, benchmark. Read more on "Bibliometrics & Citations analysis" in this libgulde


Research Performance Measurement

SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 6,000 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide. A ready-to-use solution with unparalleled power and flexibility, SciVal enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyze research trends.

SciVal overview video     SciVal Benchmarking video  

Who is citing your Research?

These resources can help you find who is citing your research and which are the top cited papers:

How Scopus supports the researcher?

  • Track and report on the scope and impact of research – number of publications and citations
  • Monitor and analyze global research trends
  • Identify and analyze which journals to read or where to submit an article
  • Help researchers  manage their career through citation counts and the h-index
  • Decide what, where and with whom to partner or collaborate with
  • Keep up-to-date

Web of Science is your ideal single research destination to explore the citation universe across subjects and around the world. Web of Science provides you access to the most reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary research connected through linked content citation metrics from multiple sources within a single interface.

Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles. You can check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute several citation metrics. You can also make your profile public, so that it may appear in Google Scholar results when people search for your name



NRF Ratings

Rated Researchers:

A-rated researchers are those who are unequivocally recognised by their peers as being leading international scholars in their field for the high quality and impact of their recent research outputs. The programme for identifying new potential applicants and helping researchers to move from a lower to a higher rating, implemented in 2010, continued to yield good results.

Spotlight on UJ's A-Rated Researchers:

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