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Research assistance, subject guides and useful library resources for students enrolled in the Short Learning Programmes of the Faculty of Law, compiled by the Faculty of Law librarians


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Sources of Law

Two types of information sources are available for law:

Primary Sources refer to original material and the body of the law itself.

Examples that can be found in hard copy as well as electronically in the law library are:

  • Law Reports/ Case Law/ Judgments;
  • Legislation/ Act/ Statutes;
  • Government Gazettes.
  • Treaties and Conventions

Secondary Sources derive from primary sources of law and offer commentary on those sources.

Examples that can be found in hard copy as well as electronically in the law library are:

  • Reference Sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias & noter-ups);
  • Law books (text books);
  • Loose-leaf publications (regularly updated);
  • Law Journals;
  • Yearbooks.                  

Library Times: 2024

Library Hours: 2024

Monday to Friday: 07:30 – 22:00
Saturday: 08:00 -15:00
Public Holidays: Closed

The 24-hour spaces will be open every Monday to Sunday for 24 hours.

How to access the  UJ Libraries:

Access to the UJ Libraries can only be granted if you have a valid UJ Card.
NB: Scan your UJ Card at the Entrance Door of the library and again at the Exit Door when you leave!
You do not need to book for library access.

Library support will also be provided online, Monday to Friday, Visit the "Need Help? Contact Us" page for further information.

Printing Information

Printing and photocopying is outsourced to Konica Minolta, Tel. number: 011-559-2184

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Welcome to the (Undergraduate) Short Learning Programmes Library Guide


This guide will not only introduce you to valuable information sources related to your Faculty, but also to the services and facilities offered to undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and researchers. It also provides training material that will make it easier to find  subject relevant information.

Refer to the different headings for Law Reports, Legislation, Books, Reference Sources, Journals, Databases, Referencing & Citation, Dissertations & Theses, Plagiarism & Copyright, Research Management Tools, Useful Links and Open Access.

For  specific assistance to undegraduate or postgraduate students, please refer to the relevant law library user guides

Please explore this guide and contact the librarians or law library assistants if you need any further assistance.


About the Faculty of Law

​The UJ Faculty of Law offers the traditional law programmes such as BA Law, BCom Law and LLB, as well as LLM degrees by dissertation and coursework and LLD degrees in various important fields. In addition to these degrees, the Faculty has a strong non-formal programmes division that offers postgraduate diplomas, certificates and short courses in specialised areas such as tax law, compliance, criminal justice and forensic investigation, insolvency law, labour law, corporate law, environmental law, drafting of contracts and entertainment law.

Our Faculty and students represent the full range of diversity of a South African society based on human dignity, equality and freedom. We are particularly proud of the Soweto Law Clinic (see Law Clinic​​), which is the first custom-built law clinic in the country and is intended to provide services to an area that played such an important role in the creation of our democratic society.

Faculty Librarian Law

Profile Photo
Lizette Van Zyl
University of Johannesburg
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
+27 11 559 3188
Subjects: Law

Information Librarian Law

Profile Photo
Catrin Ver Loren Van Themaat
University of Johannesburg Library
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
011 559 3193
Subjects: Law

Law Library Assistants 2024

  • Blessing Matika (Senior Law Library Assistant)
  • Maanda Litshani (Senior Law Library Assistant)
  • Mihle Duze (Law Library Assistant)
  • Nosisa Gama (Senior Law Library Assistant)
  • Rowan Tshabalala (Senior Law Library Assistant)
  • Sinoxolo Makhethetha (Law Library Assistant)
  • Siphamandla Memela (Law Library Assistant)
  • Tebogo Mothapo (Senior Law Library Assistant)
  • Thembalihle Dlamini (Senior Law Library Assistant)

Contact Info:

011 559 2593

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