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Science - Geography 2B: Economic & Population Geography: Online Searching Instructions

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Steps in Online Searching

Step 1: Think about your research topic.

Food Insecurity

What is the title telling us? What should we focus on when writing the assignment?


  • what is meant by Food Insecurity;
  • why food insecurity exists; 
  • what factors make it worse,
  • where it exists;
  • solutions to the problem.

Step 2: Identify the main keywords and concepts

  Example: food insecurity, etc.

Step 3: Locate and Access Resources

  - Geography 2B LibGuide 

Step 4: Search for: 

  - Print & Online Books & Encyclopedias

  - Online databases for articles

Step 4: Make use of Boolean Techniques (AND, OR, NOT) when conducting a search
Step 5: Write your report. Ensure that you acknowledge your Resources (Cite & Reference)

BOOLEANS OPERATORS: Learn how to combine KEYWORDS for better results

Getting help with your assignments

Prescribed Textbooks 

  • Search the Course Reserve to find the books prescribed for your course
  • They can be used only in the Library for 2h;

Print & Online Books for your studies

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  • Borrowing & Returning books: you can check-out - 6 Print Books for 14 days

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