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Science - Geography: GIS: Searching Instructions

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Steps in Online Searching

Step 1: Think about your research topic.

Topic: The use and application of GIS in ……….
Your degree consists of two major subjects - e.g. BA Anthropology & Geography / BSc Geography & Zoology. You have to investigate how GIS has been applied in your two major subjects. For example, if your majors are Anthropology and Geography, you must discuss (with examples from the literature), how GIS has been applied in these two subjects

Step 2: Identify the main keywords and concepts
Step 3: Locate and Access Resources
Step 4: Search for: 
  • Print & Online Books & Encyclopedias
  • Online databases for articles
  • GIS Internet Resources
Step 4: Make use of Boolean Techniques (AND, OR, NOT) when conducting a search
Step 5: Write your report. Ensure that you acknowledge your Resources (Cite & Reference)

UJ Harvard Reference Techniques Video

BOOLEANS OPERATORS: Learn how to combine KEYWORDS for better results