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Library - Open Athens Authentication: How to Sign-In from anywhere

Sign In from anywhere

One of the great things about OpenAthens is that you have the ability to login from anywhere on the internet.

If you come across a scholarly article while using Google, you can sign in for full-text access if the UJ Library subscribes to the journal or resource.

Once you have found an article on a vendor site, the steps to sign in to OpenAthens are:

  1. Locate the Sign In or Login link.
  2. Select OpenAthens (or sometimes just Athens) as the method to sign in.
  3. Search for "University of Johannesburg" under Find Your Organization.
  4. Choose how to sign in based on your institutional affiliation (student or staff)

This guide has some images to give you an idea of how this process works with different Publishers. Please note that there are variations in design among vendor sites.

Finding the OpenAthens Log-In

Open Athens allows you to authenticate your login credentials anywhere on the internet with an Open Athens sign-in. This means that if you have found an article during a Google search, your access can be authenticated at the Publisher's website. You will need to locate the sign-in area if you wish to not go via the UJ Library website.

Every Publisher/Vendor site is unique, but the Sign-in or Login option often appears in the top right corner of the screen.

Here we will demonstrate, what you need to do to get to the Open Athens sign-in for access. These images are from the Elsevier Publisher platform:


When you click the Sign-in link, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials: