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Library - Information Literacy Module: Tutorial 1: What is plagiarism?

Information literacy for UJ students. Start with "1 Why Information Literacy" and end with "9 Writing & Referencing"

STEP 1: Explaining plagiarism

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Tools to avoid plagiarism

  • Neo should check the due date of his assignment and start early to avoid crunch time stresses. The following sources can assist:
    • Turnitin Plagiarism Checker: The university's plagiarism safeguard against plagiarism. Consult with your lecturer to access Turnitin.
    • UJ's Academic Development and Support provides academic and writing support to avoid plagiarism.
    • Learn when and how to cite.

STEP 2: How to avoid plagiarism

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The Purdue Online Writing Lab has exercises how to paraphrase correctly and accurately.