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Library - Information Literacy Module: Tutorial 2: Evaluate information

Information literacy for UJ students. Start with "1 Why Information Literacy" and end with "9 Writing & Referencing"

STEP 2: Video on how to evaluate information

Watch this video on how to evaluate information. 

STEP 3: Why can't I just Google?

Watch this video on why using Google only is not sufficient for conducting research.

Source: Library La Trobe University

STEP 5: Top fake news stories

Fake News in the news

STEP 1: Evaluation criteria

Neo must remember to always evaluate information before he decides to use it, regardless of the information source (books, journals, newspapers, Internet)

Evaluating Information — Applying the CRAAP Test (from California State University, Chico) created by Sarah Blakeslee at Meriam Library, the CRAAP Test is a terrific way for evaluating any information, including websites. The CRAAP Test is a list of questions to determine if the information Neo wants to use, is reliable. 


STEP 4: How to spot fake news