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Library Guide for Online Programmes: Introduction

All you need to know about the library's electronic resources


This guide is developed for online students, enrolled in online programmes.


The  UJ Library subscribes to a vast number of publications in electronic form, including e-books, full-text journals, bibliographies, indexes, statistical data, standards, research tools, dissertations and theses and electronic newspapers. 


As an online student, you only have access to the library's online resources. The online resources can be accessed remotely. In order for you to use the online resources, you need a login username and password.  

  • E-books are available to all students. You can search the library catalogue at for e-books the library subscribes to. 
  • Databases are the place to start when searching for articles. 
  • The library website is your gateway to online information.
  • UJoogle is your one-stop-shop for e-books and e-journal articles.
  • Should you need help, contact your faculty librarian via e-mail.

How to create a library pin

In order for you to use the online resources, you need a login username and password. You can access the library's online resources by using your Ulink login details.
1. Go the library website:
2. Under Library Resources, click on UJ Library Catalogue, then click on the yellow button, My UJLink
3. Type in your surname and student number.
4. Do not type anything in the Personal Identification Number [PIN] box.
5. Click on submit below.
6. Type in your surname and student number again.
7. You will now see 2 boxes to type in a pin.
8. The pin must be alpha-numeric, and at least 6 characters long, e.g. vicky123.
9. Click on submit and your profile will open.
10. If you are unable to create a pint, contact the Lending Desk at 011 559 2165 or e-mail

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