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Library Guide for Online Programmes: Online Programmes

All you need to know about the library's electronic resources

Subject-specific information focuses on single academic disciplines, which cover specific topics within a subject area. 

College of Business and Economics Schools

 Click here for Business and Economics resources...

Contact: College of Business and Economics Librarians

Faculty Librarian: Ester De Broize

Tel: +27 11 559 3187

Information Librarian:  Fikiswa Mgengo
Tel: +27 11 559 5668


 Click here for your Education online resources...

Contact: Faculty of Education Librarians

Faculty Librarian: Mirriam Mabalane

Tel:  +27 11 559 5610

Information Librarian:  Dudu Tshabalala

Tel: +27 11 559 3198


Health Science

Click here for Health Science resources...

Contact: Faculty of Health Science Librarians

Faculty Librarian: Dorcas Rathaba

Tel: +27 11 559 6325

Information Librarian: Mlungisi Dlamini

Tel: +27 11 559 6836