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Library Guide for Online Programmes: Online Research Tools

All you need to know about the library's electronic resources

UJ Library hosts a variety of research tools that are necessary to help you perform research.

Refworks is an online research management, writing and collaboration tool – designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies. Use the Refworks LibGuide and information resources on how to use  Refworks or consult the Refworks tutorials. UJ Library subscribes to Refworks. For you to use Refworks, you need to create an account.  


 Mendeley is a free manager and academic social network that can help you organise your research and collaborate with other researchers online. To create an account, consult the Mendeley website and follow the steps.

Reference Styles

At the University of Johannesburg, the most used reference styles are Harvard and APA. Before applying a reference style, please confirm with your faculty which style they prescribe.  

APA Style

Plagiarism & Copyright

Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as one’s own and a person found guilty of such a transgression can be legally prosecuted. In addition, it also constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter which will have serious consequences in assignment assessment.

Copyright is the right to copy. It is a legal device that provides the creator of a work of art or literature, or a work that conveys information or ideas, the right to control how the work is used. It is a property right given to authors or creators of ‘works’, e.g literary works, artistic works, musical works, sound recordings, films and broadcasts or computer programs, to control the copying or exploitation of their work (Publishers' Association of South Africa, 2007).

Should you need a refresher on plagiarism and copyright, and how to avoid plagiarism and comply with the Copyright Act, follow this LibGuide on plagiarism and copyright


Turnitin: Turnitin is an academic plagiarism checker technology, to check papers for plagiarism. Access Turnitin via Blackboard. Please contact your lecturer to make Turnitin available to you.
To get more clarification on copyright, consult DALRO (Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation).