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Researcher Visibility and Impact: Home

A guide into Academic or Researcher visibility


Sharing your research with a wider audience can make you more visible in your field. Greater visibility will enhance your reputation and the impact of your research.

Publication is the beginning of research impact and visibility, thus dissemination of research publications have to be proactive. Researchers can promote their research work in three stages: (1) manuscript preparation and submission; (2) post-publication promoting; and (3) after receiving mentions/citations (monitoring).



Create and maintain an up-to-date online profile (or a web CV).

Get a unique author identifier ORCID to distinguish yourself and your work from that of all other researchers.

Engage in social networking communities.


Share outputs of your research.

Why improve Research visibility?

By making your research visible and accessible you increase chances of your research being noticed, used and having impact, thus increasing your own reputation and chances of success in your academic work. 

Researchers are embracing a variety of activities and tools to promote work, connect with other researchers, and engage in scholarly discourse. Increasingly, the activities related to promoting their research take place at all stages of the research process: from the discovery stage, through analysis and writing process, through to publishing and outreach.

Research impact is important for researchers to improve their research reputation, increase university ranking, and getting grants from funders. As such, dissemination of research findings plays a vital role.