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Researcher Visibility and Impact: UJ Repositories

A guide into Academic or Researcher visibility


UJ Institutional Repository:

UJ IR is the University of Johannesburg's Open Access Institutional Repository.  The IR collects and maintains intellectual  scholarship such as published journal articles (pre-print and post-print), conference papers and proceedings, data sets, reports, theses and dissertations in a free and open environment.

Reading completed/previous Theses and Dissertations (T’s & D’s) provides an important source for identifying current research in the area. They also enable you to think about the structure of your thesis and will give you some idea of what you are working towards. They are your best guide to what your final product should be. Visit the UJ Institutional Repository for ETDs(Electronic Thesis and Dissertations) and research outputs


OROSS - Is an Online Research Output Submission System

To Submit Research output on OROSS: Submit research articles
     and For more information see the OROSS user guide  (PDF) and watch the OROSS Video 


Research data repository: 

Open Data is data which can be freely used, shared and built-on by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. Having easy access to data will help you to have more resources to fuel your work. The more data you have access to, the easier it will be to identify trends and the more evidence there can be to support claims. Open data also enables collaboration. We know that two heads are better than one and being open with your collaborators really speeds up the research process.

Our UJ DR is the University of Johannesburg's Open Access Data Repository. Our data repository collects Research data/Raw data/Datasets, which are data in whatever formats or form collected, observed, generated, created and obtained during the entire course of a research project. Visit the UJ Data Repository to see available datasets.