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Health Sciences - Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Information Sources

Background information

Source Details Example Where to find?
  • A reference book on a particular subject and items are arranged in alphabetical order
  • Provides meaning and equivalent of words
  • Provides equivalent of words in different languages
  • Explains specific terminology
  • Format: Print or online

Useful to get background information or definitions

  • The Oxford English dictionary
  • Harvard dictionary of music
  • Collins English thesaurus

Library catalogue

Dictionaries are reference material and not available for loan 
unless it is in electronic format.


  • A reference book giving information on general topics or specific topics.
  • Information is comprehensive and authoritative
  • Contains factual information
  • Contains illustrations
  • Format: Print or electronic
Useful for background and  historical information


  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia


  • Encyclopedia of Religion
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology

Library catalogue

Encyclopaedias are reference material and not available for loan
unless it is in electronic format. 


  • Connected group of pages on the World Wide Webb
  • Organisational information (.org)
  • Commercial information (.com)
  • Educational information (.edu)
  • Individual information
  • Company information
  • Social media
  • Information cannot always be verified or checked for accuracy
  • Textual information
  • Visual information
  • Multimedia
  • Interactive
  • Information is devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics
  • Message boards
  • Social Media sites
  • Academic journals (etc)
World Wide Webb

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