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Library - Read and Publish Agreements SANLIC : Emerald 2022-2024

Emerald Read and Publish Agreement


The Emerald/SANLiC agreement for 2022-2024 is a Read & Publish transformational Open Access agreement that provides: 

  • read access to the latest UJ subscriptions, as well as
  • permits eligible corresponding Authors to publish a capped number of articles as Open Access at no extra charge in the Hybrid journals, to which UJ subscribes.

Number of included articles:

There is a cap (for the consortium- SANLiC as a whole) on the number of articles that can be published at no extra charge for the years of the agreement:

  • 2022 = 116
  • 2023 = 140
  • 2024 = 165

The entitlements are shared across the consortium and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

Emerald will be able to track the number of articles published and will keep the SANLiC office informed.

How to access this agreement:

  • Use your UJ affiliation and email (e.g.  and University of Johannesburg Ringgold ID ), to be accepted as eligible.