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Library - Read and Publish Agreements SANLIC : Taylor & Francis 2024-2026

Taylor & Francis read and Publish Agreement 2024-2026

This is a three-year read and publish agreement (2024-2026).

The agreement includes read access to all Open Select (hybrid) journals in the: 

  • Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) and
  • Science & Technology (S&T) packages.

Reading access is upgraded for all participating SANLiC members who currently take the fixed SSH and S&T packages to the full SSH and S&T packages. Perpetual access rights during the period of the agreement are included. In addition, eligible authors affiliated to the subscribing institutions can publish their articles open access in all Taylor & Francis Open Select (hybrid) journals.  

There is, however, a limit (cap) on the number of articles that can be published (see below). The cap is split into two groups:

  • 37% of the article entitlement is dedicated to publishing in UNISA and NISC journals,
  • while 63% remains available for publishing across all other Open Select (hybrid) journals.

Number of included articles: there is a cap on the number of articles that can be published in the Open Select journals at no extra charge for the years of the agreement, as follows:


2024: 1 276 (472: UNISA and NISC Open Select journals and 804: other Open Select hybrid journals).

2025: 1 327 (491: UNISA and NISC journals and 836: other Open Select journals).

2026: 1 380 (511: UNISA and NISC journals and 869: other Open Select journals).

Use your UJ affiliation and email (e.g.  and University of Johannesburg Ringgold ID ), to be eligible for the free or discounted publication.