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Library - Read and Publish Agreements SANLIC : Sage Publishing 2022-2024

Sage Read and Publish Agreement


The SAGE/SANLiC agreement for 2022-2024 is for a Read & Publish transitional Open Access agreement that provides: 

  • access to the SAGE Premier journals collection of over 1,100 titles and will also
  • permit eligible corresponding authors to publish an uncapped number of articles as Open Access in the offered Hybrid titles listed in the SAGE-SANLiC agreement.

Gold Open Access titles:

  • Eligible corresponding authors will receive a discount of 20% on SAGE’s wholly gold open access portfolio of titles.
  • There are a small number of exclusions where SAGE is contractually prevented from offering this discount.
  • A list of excluded journals is available from the publisher.

Note: IMechE titles are not included in the SAGE Premier package and IMechE title lists 2022

SAGE Open Access Portal 

SAGE Open Access User Guide