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Science - Biology 1 - Lab Reports Library Support: Searching Instructions

Library Resources in support to Biology 1

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Steps in Online Searching

In order to write your Lab Report/Assignment you need to be able to find useful and relevant information

Internet/Google are NOT THE ONLY place to search

The UJ Library provides support, resources and solutions to your research problem

Developing an effective search is an important part of this process.

You need to think of the various Steps in the Online Searching – from places to search, to resources to find, to writing & referencing

Step 1: Think about your research topic.

  Example: Test for Starch, Sugar, Lipids and Proteins

Step 2: Identify the main keywords and concepts

  Example: Starch; lipids; photosynthesis; enzymes, thin layer chromatography, etc.

Step 3: Locate and Access Resources

  - Library website; Biology 1 LibGuide, Ulink

Step 4: Search for: 

  - Print & Online Books & Encyclopedias

  - Online databases for articles

Step 4: Make use of Boolean Techniques (AND, OR, NOT) when conducting a search
Step 5: Write your report. Ensure that you acknowledge your Resources (Cite & Reference)

How to use Boolean Search Techniques

BOOLEANS OPERATORS: Learn how to combine KEYWORDS for better results

Searching Tips & Techniques Video