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Library - Information Literacy Module: Tutorial 5: Library classification system

Information literacy for UJ students. Start with "1 Why Information Literacy" and end with "9 Writing & Referencing"

STEP 1: Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme

Think what it would be like to use a library whose books were arranged in no special order. It would take Neo forever to find what he needs. Classification systems organise library collections into subject-related categories, so similar topics will be grouped together on the shelf.

The Dewey Decimal Classification is a general knowledge organisation tool and is shared through the library’s online catalogue. In the DDC, basic classes are organised by disciplines or fields of study as illustrated by the image below:


STEP 2: Call Number

A call number is a unique identification code assigned to each book that clearly identifies it from other books. For Example:


Class. 300  = Social Science
Call Number 305 = Groups of people
305.8 = Ethnics and National Groups, Culture and Race = Racism

Neo can find the call number on the spine of a book.