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Library - A Beginner's Guide to EndNote 21: EndNote Click

Explore the capabilities of EndNote and enhance your research journey through our detailed LibGuide, packed with expert tips, tutorials and effective bibliography management strategies.

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What is Endnote Click?

Endnote Click is a  free browser extension tool that you can sign up for.  It works when you are on a journal article page e.g. Science Direct, Nature, PLoS, Taylor & Francis, Wiley etc. and pops up on your screen with a link to the .pdf.  

It also has its .pdf store ('locker') so it can be used without an Endnote Online account as a way to store useful articles (although it does not do referencing on its own).

Endnote Click links with the UJ  Library subscriptions and will find the 'best quality' .pdf for you: a library subscription version or an Open Access version. 


EndNote Clicis available for downloading on Chrome, Firefox and Edge and Opera. 

  • Download EndNote Click for Chrome
  • Download EndNote Click for Firefox
  • Download EndNote Click for Edge
  • For Opera,  you will need to add an extension called Chrome extensions first, then get EndNote Click for Chrome.

Customising your EndNote Click

When you sign up for EndNote Click, you will be prompted to choose your preferred reference manager. Opt for EndNote and so that you can export references directly to EndNote Desktop. To adjust this setting in your EndNote Click account:

1.  Navigate to Settings, then click on Customise in the left-hand menu.

2. From there, choose EndNote from the Reference Manager Integration dropdown menu.

How to create an EndNote Click account

1. Go to the EndNote Click web page and click on the create account button. After installation, you can pin the plugin to the add-in area. Look out for the EndNote Click button when on journal websites.

Alternatively, you can find it under the Tools menu in EndNote Desktop or by signing into your Clarivate Web of Science account and then clicking on products. 

See the video below for the steps on how to create an account.

How to use EndNote Click

When you are looking at an article record on an academic journal website or database, EndNote Click will show a pop-up icon on the left-hand side of the screen if there is a UJ subscribed or freely available PDF version of the article.

Click on the pop-up icon, and it will add the article to your locker, which is the storage area in EndNote Click. On the left-hand side menu of your locker, there is an option to 'Export to EndNote Desktop'. Clicking on this option will create a RIS file that you can save and add to your library, similar to other online export methods. There is also an option to 'Push to EndNote Web'.

This process will also attach the PDF to the reference in your EndNote library. Keep in mind that the free version of EndNote Click only provides you with 100 MB of storage in your locker. Therefore, once you have added the reference to your EndNote library, you may want to delete the PDF from your EndNote Click locker.

Useful guides

Guide on  the EndNote  PDF capturing methods  when using Google Scholar and PubMed.