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Library - A Beginner's Guide to EndNote 21: Referencing

Explore the capabilities of EndNote and enhance your research journey through our detailed LibGuide, packed with expert tips, tutorials and effective bibliography management strategies.

What is your referencing style ?

EndNote allows you to generate references according to your chosen citation style (UJ Harvard, APA, IEEE, etc).

Before utilizing EndNote, familiarise yourself with the referencing style preferred by your school, faculty, supervisor or lecturer. See the referencing guides at the links below:

Changing a reference style from the "Reference Preview Pane"

  1. Click on a reference and navigate to the "summary pane" to your right.
  2. The current style is shown at the bottom left of the pane. Click on the drop-down arrow to select another style.

See the illustrated guide below. 


Changing the reference style from the "EndNote Tools" menu

1. Go to Tools > Output Styles and click on your style from the list. If your style is not within the list (e.g. RMIT_Harvard_EndNote), proceed to step 2 and 3.

2. Go to Tools > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Tick the style you want from the EndNote Styles pop-up window, e.g. RMIT_Harvard_EndNote. Close the pop-up window.

3. Go back to Tools > Output Styles and click on the style you ticked in step 2, e.g. APA 7th



Note: Other styles not in the list can also be downloaded via Tools > Output styles > Open Style Manager > Get More on the Web

Installing the UJ Harvard referencing style

Please see the steps on how to get the UJ Harvard style installed in the document below. We have also uploaded the two files that you need to set up UJ Harvard below. Start by consulting the pdf document for steps on how to upload UJ Harvard to your EndNote Application.

Using the "EndNote 21 Plug-in" to Insert citations and bibliographies into Word

After installing the EndNote software,  the 'EndNote 21' tab should appear at the top of your MS Word page (within the toolbar).

See the steps on how to use this plug-in to create citations and bibliographies in the guide below. 

How to change your reference style on MS Word