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Library - A Beginner's Guide to EndNote 21: Getting started

Explore the capabilities of EndNote and enhance your research journey through our detailed LibGuide, packed with expert tips, tutorials and effective bibliography management strategies.

How to set-up your EndNote

Optimize your EndNote experience by completing steps 1-4 below for seamless integration.


1. Downloading the software:

EndNote 21 is a software application designed for managing and organizing references, citations, and bibliographies. You will need to start by downloading and installing the software on your computer. See the steps below.

Please note the following regarding installation


  • During the installation process, it is necessary to close all Microsoft products.
  • UJ staff members who would like to install EndNote on their personal devices should follow the EndNote download guide for students. 
  • UJ staff members who are using UJ devices and do not have access to the Software Centre should install via the student portal (the steps are outlined in the below student download guide). Installation via the student portal (on UJ devices) will require getting assistance from ICS as software downloads on UJ devices are centrally controlled.

2. Extracting the EndNote files

Unzipping the file or extracting the folder will bypass the prompt to type in a product key.

  • Upon downloading the .zip file, it is essential to extract its contents before proceeding with the installation.
  • Right-click on the .zip file and select "Extract All." Once the files are extracted, navigate to the specified location to initiate the installation.
  • Launch the EndNote Desktop installer and follow the steps to install the application on your computer.  

Follow the guide below to extract the files. 

3. Creating an EndNote account

Creating an account is a second step in your journey to referencing, inserting citations and bibliographies. Follow the steps in the guide below.

4. Snyc your EndNote Application and EndNote Web

If you work from multiple devices, use the EndNote's Sync feature to keep your library accessible on all your devices. Sync your desktop and online library for easy access from multiple locations. See the EndNote Web/Online tab for more information.

  • You do not have to enter your e-mail address and password each time you synchronize your references between the EndNote application and Endnote Web/Online
  • You can have EndNote automatically begin the Sync process.

To access Sync Preferences:

  • Go to the Edit menu (within the EndNote Toolbar).
  • Select Preferences.
  • Click the sync automatically check box and then on ok. 


How to sync your EndNote Application and EndNote Web/Online

1. Click here to access EndNote Web.

2. Login using the credentials created upon registration.

3. Your account will automatically be synced with your EndNote Web after logging in.

5. Install the EndNote Click Browser Plugin

Endnote Click is a free browser extension tool that you can sign up for.  It works when you are on a journal article page e.g. Science Direct, Nature, PLoS, Taylor & Francis, Wiley etc. and pops up on your screen with a link to the .pdf.  

It also has its .pdf store ('locker') so it can be used without an Endnote Online account as a way to store useful articles (although it does not do referencing on its own).

Endnote Click links with the UJ  Library subscriptions and will find the 'best quality' .pdf for you: a library subscription version or an Open Access version.