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JoVE: Science Education

JoVE Videos: Science Education

A video library dedicated to teaching the practice and theory of scientific experiments through engaging and easy-to-understand visual demonstrations.

JoVE: Science Education Videos

The UJ Library has a subscription to the following JoVE Science Education instructional Videos relevant to the Biochemistry Teaching & Learning needs:

JoVE SCIENCE EDUCATION: BASIC BIOLOGY: General Lab Techniques; Basic Method in Cellular & Molecular Biology; Biology 1; Biology 2; Lab Animal Research; Lab Safety 

JoVE SCIENCE EDUCATION: ADVANCED BIOLOGY: Developmental Biology; Genetics; Cell Biology

JoVE SCIENCE EDUCATION: CHEMISTRY: Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2; Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry

JoVE Video: Lab Safety

JoVE videos on Lab Safety

This collection provides safety guidelines to be followed when working with hazardous materials and equipment. It covers universal topics such as PPE, electrical safety, and general emergency guidelines, as well as some specific safety procedures for chemistry and biology laboratories

JoVE videos: General Laboratory Techniques

This collection exhibits how to use standard pieces of laboratory equipment essential in many experiments.


JoVE Video

JoVE Video: The Scientific Method (Student Protocol)

The scientific method is a detailed, empirical, problem-solving process leveraged by biologists and scientists of other disciplines. This iterative approach involves formulating a question based on observation, developing a testable potential explanation for the observation (called a hypothesis), making and testing predictions based on the hypothesis, and using the findings to create new hypotheses and predictions

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